Internationally and domestically, terrorism and political violence attacks present ever-evolving perils and the need for companies to protect their people, property, and profits against unprecedented attacks and unforeseen events.

Terrorism and political violence aren’t risks that can be transferred, but some of the commercial consequences can. The effects of these attacks can cause property damage, loss of income, bodily injury and death, loss of attraction, loss of reputation, and loss of key personnel.

TRUM AFRICA Ltds PVT binder includes the Lloyd’s of London Hiscox wording

Political violence and terrorism insurance can provide coverage related to war, civil war, rebellion, insurrection, coup d’état, terror and other civil disturbances. Property terrorism insurance, meanwhile, can provide coverage for physical damage and business interruption resulting from acts that are motivated by politics, religion, or ideology. Both policies can also include coverage for strikes, riots, and civil commotion.