Our Public Liability insurance provides cover for the legal liability that arises from the death of, or bodily injury to a guest, or damage to their property and subsequent claims for financial compensation.

Public Liability only covers incidents on your business property, so if there’s an incident anywhere else, you won’t be covered.

Passenger Liability cover extends to death or injury after a vehicle accident

Public Liability insurance coverage includes the following:

  • Bodily injury: Public liability insurance helps to cover expenses if someone is injured.
  • Property damage: It helps to cover damage to a third party’s property. Let’s say you own a convenience store, and one of your employees accidentally spills a coffee on a customer’s designer purse. Your policy could help cover the cost of replacing the purse and any damaged contents.
  • Legal expenses: It also covers the cost of hiring and paying an attorney to represent your business in a lawsuit brought by a customer or someone else is covered by the policy.